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  • BRH 0011 - 0121 Water Cooled Chillers

    BRH is a range of water-source liquid chillers operating with R410A refrigerant. These are indoor units with hermetic Scroll compressors and Full Floating technology. The latter is an intelligent electronic unit providing the perfect answer to residential market requirements: compactness, ease of installation and quietness. Version: FF - Basic version, with built-in hydronic kit FFT - Basic version without hydronic kit Features Structure and base in hot-dip galvanised steel with epoxy powder paint finish. High-efficiency plate exchangers in AISI 316 stainless steel with low pressure drops (exchanger on plant side fitted with heating element for frost protection). External access to control with anti-tamper device. The safety of the unit is guaranteed by a door lock isolator on the electrical power switchboard and by active protection devices on the main components. The circuit includes: -Modulating valve to reduce water consumptions (source side, FF versions only). -Circulating pump (plant side, FF versions only). -Air vent valve (plant side). -Expansion vessel (plant side). -Safety valve (plant side). -Differential pressure switch on plant circuit only. -Drain valve on both the plant and the source circuits. Accessory: Removable metal mesh water filter kit HSW10 remote keyboard

  • NECS 0202T - 0612T Water Cooled Chiller

    Outdoor unit for the production of chilled water with hermetic rotary Scroll compressors, axialflow fans, shell and tubes exchanger and thermostatic expansion valve. External panels in Peraluman and structure in aluminium sections. The range is equipped with two compressors on two independent refrigerant circuits. Version: B - Basic HT - High efficiency, high outdoor temperature version LN - Low noise SL - Super-low noise version Features: REFRIGERANT GAS R410A The use of R410A allowed to achive better energy efficiencies with environment full respect (ODP = 0) EXCHANGER The shell and tube exchanger allows to achieve the highest flexibility on the units installation, keeping the efficiency at the maximum level. For this reason, NECS represents the best choice for all the hydronic application on the residential, commercial and industrial markets. INTEGRATED HYDRONIC GROUP The optional built-in hydronic module already contains the main water circuit components; it is available with single or twin in-line, for achieving both low or high head. MAXIMUM RELIABILITY Unit with two independent refrigerant circuit, designed to ensure maximum efficiency at full load, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in the event of temporary stop of one of the two circuits. Accessory: Set-up for remote connectivity with ModBus/Echelon protocol cards Remote control keyboard (distance to 200m and to 500m) LCD display keyboard type W3000Compact with multilanguage user interface Soft starters Rubber anti-vibration mounting kit

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